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Computer Diagnostic is a way to test if your computer’s hardware or software is working properly.  This helps you in determining if the computer you own is working in its top condition and if any repair is needed to be done. In the process of diagnosing your device, you will know all about the technical issues your device has and from then, we can help you give the right way to fix your device.  

Diagnosing your device will be up to us however the decision of fixing it is up to you. We always want to make sure that we put you first, that’s why we offer you a risk-free transaction. We provide you a diagnosis and if ever you want to proceed with the solutions we offer, then we will forward the fee regarding the diagnosis to your bill however, if you wish not to do the solutions with us, then you are sure that no risks are involved.  

However, if you want to ensure that your device is in safe hands, why not resolve the issue with the ones who the technical difficulties of your device in the first place right? Our technicians here in Simple Solutions Tech are well trained to give you the best service possible regarding the technical difficulties you have with your device. If ever you have device problems, rest assured, we will cater to you with the best of our abilities. If you have any inquiries, check our website for more details or contact us today!