Many people think that trimming a tree is not that kind of important. Well, it is. Because of our busy lives, we tend to forget about trivial things around us, such as tree branches. You might end up one day wondering why your tree became a jungle tree in your yard. Luckily, there are now a lot of ways to fix that situation.

Tree Trimming

So, why is tree trimming important?

First of all, safety. Safety plays a big part not only for your tree but also for the safety of your surroundings. It could lessen the potential fire danger if your tree or any structures nearby catches fire if you trim useless “shooters” or dead branches. Ground debris made by your tree is another safety concern. Dead plant parts can rot and mold, which attracts insects if you left your tree unattended for a long period of time. Plant debris can also be possibly dangerous for hikers. The decaying material can also attract wood parasites which will weaken the tree if dead matters is left untrimmed. Eventually, of course, the tree will fall.

The next reason why tree trimming is important is that it promotes good health for your tree. Have you heard the phrase: “Prevention is better than cure”? You can promote healthy growth for your tree by preventing any safety hazards. You can make room for your tree to grow healthy leaves and branches by removing any dead matter. Afterwards, it can develop a healthier root system. Trimming your tree regularly can also remove co-dominant leaders. These are 2 branches growing at the top of the tree that grows straight and is usually dominant. If you cut one dominant leader, you enable the other branch to grow and become the dominant branch. This prevents the branches from tearing and splitting wood. Another health risk for your tree is the density of the branches. Thick branches do not allow air to flow into the canopy. It can cause disease and decay. It can also be the cause of harbor fungus. If those three are combined together, it can be life threatening to your tree.

Another reason is appearance. A nicely trimmed tree can attract most people. An easy way to develop pleasing decorations is to trim your trees in uniform size. No matter what size or kind your tree is, your yard will be visually appealing if you groom them well. Trimming can stimulate growth in thin areas of the tree. Trimming can also stop growth in the area where too much growth is not desirable.

There is an available tree service in Des Moines, IA; Fort Pierce, FL; Forth Worth, TX, and other places in the United States if you are planning to trim your tree. However, you can always do it on your own if you are low on budget. It might require a lot of work though. You will also have to follow some local and state regulations. So, it is much better to leave the work to the professionals